Control over your privacy...
Right in the palm of your hands!

Private ME

Private ME is the easiest way to protect the privacy of your phone’s photos. Now you can edit out any unwanted information with the swipe of a finger!

Easy to use

Share your photos with confidence! Private ME allows you to edit out anything you don’t want other people to see and only saves the photos you want.

Take Control

Don’t leave your privacy in someone else’s hands. Take control of your privacy with Private ME. Remember, life is about creating memorable moments, not regrets.

Everyday uses

Now you can protect private information like your address or license plate number by touching and dragging the blackout bar over the part of the photo you don’t want anyone to see.
Show off your brand new car, house, credit card, or university acceptance letters without giving away information that could lead to identity theft.
Ensure the safety of friends and relatives by empowering them with a privacy app that can help guard them against online predators or 'posting regrets'
Embarrassing guy making a weird face in the background of your photo? With Private ME, you can just edit out photospoilers before you upload and share your photos!
52% of teens have admitted to already posting something online that they regret. Don’t regret your photos! Eliminate anything you don’t want the world to see before it goes online using Private ME.
Never have someone 'photobomb' your pictures again!


Freezes your image without saving it to your camera roll

3 Step Safety Save System

Protects you from accidentially saving images without your knowledge

Blackout And Touch To Draw

Simply touch and drag to black out any part of the picture before saving it to the camera roll

Giant Responsive Freezebar

Instantly freezes and unfreezes with one touch

Forward Facing Light

World's first camera app with duel stage front facing light, which works even in the pitch black. Plus amazing mirror capabilities!

Flip Front To Back

Rear flash controls make group shots a snap. Features a 3 or 5 second "on screen and audio countdown", with easy two finger pinch zoom

Privacy Matters

"Thanks to my grandparents, I got a new car for graduation. It was so amazing to instantly upload a photo of it to Facebook, even with their concerns about advertising my plate to the whole world!" Jennie
“As a Real Estate Agent on a very strict schedule, I really appreciate the ability to simply point, two finger zoom, and click during a tour of a seller's home. The added feature of removing personal information is just a bonus!” Colleen
“It's amazing how this App let me take self portrait pics inside a haunted house this Halloween, even though it was so dark...the forward facing light is super cool! I didn't believe it until I actually used it!" Sarah
“It was extremely helpful during a conference to take photos of my colleagues, even while the presentation slides kept changing the lighting levels, a useful feature that I had not expected from my Privacy App!” Sean
“I love to share spur-of-the-moment photos, but some things I do not want my co-workers to see (especially my boss). This app is amazingly fast. I can take the pic, edit, save, and share in under 5 seconds.” Nathalie
"During a recent vacation to Cuba, seems every single picture had a friends risque t-shirt message in it! Instead of not sharing a single pic with my parents, we blacked out the image, and shared away...a real life saver!" Demitre

Lots of Great Reviews!

"I've tried several and this one is the most simple picture censoring app I've ever come across!"
~ Mika
If you’re truly concerned about your privacy and you're looking for an app to protect you and your photos, you definitely shouldn't pass this one up."
~ Anonymous
"It is a great mirror app, but I find that it is much more useful for a picture censoring app."
~ Marta Flopper
"Best photo app! Works awesome on my 4S"
~ Juli Porris
"Must have! App works exactly as advertised!"
~ Rick Ananas
"I have already spread it to my friends and recommend it to anyone who wants to stay anonymous or keep some stuff out of the public eye."
~ Kirilllanmar

Intimate Apps Incorporated

A mobile software development company that creates superior mobile applications from a compassionate, humanitarian approach.

What makes us different?

We here at Intimate Apps design our products with people’s needs in mind and we sincerely care about the privacy of our users. Our goal is to improve the quality of our customer’s lives while making privacy and online safety as effortless as possible.

How are we achieving this?

At Intimate Apps Incorporated, we care. We develop our apps based on our customer’s needs and want all of our users to feel secure about the photos on their phone. That’s why we developed Private ME, a photo privacy app that protects users from unintentional photo sharing.

Our Team

We are passionate about people’s privacy. We don’t outsource any work, so the whole team gets involved in many aspects of product development. This ensures that every step of the development process is done by a tight-knit team with the common goal of making our customer’s online safety our number one priority.
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